A Beautiful Sunshine [EF#7]

Before I begin my story, what do you think of the picture above? I might guess that you think that is a usual snap in a usual place. Yup, you are right. That picture gave just the same theme, a silhouette and a beautiful sunshine, one of the favorite themes in Instagram (at least this was what I … Continue reading

Making Time for Blogging

Joining NaBloPoMo--although not posting everyday--making my blogging experience expanding. Why is that? Because I make time for blogging. As a newly wed like me, I don't know, after I got married I become a person who loves to stay at home sitting in front of computer, or reading, or watching DVD. … Continue reading

It Is Worth Waiting For

Ahhh... I hardly update my post in this recent week. I don't know why but I feel like I had an awful last week which made me had to wait to post my daily prompt. But, hey now I got the chance and I might say it is worth to have it in my Waiting Room. Why? Because I was kinda having a Blogger's … Continue reading

How Spicy Your Success Is

I can not describe how spicy my success story because I don’t feel that I have gained my success (yet). But let me get this straight. To me the meaning of success for every people is not the same. What I have in mind now that success to me when I can live a balance life and give impact … Continue reading

Life Back Then

At first seeing today daily prompt topic making me think harder. Then I get what Buyers, Beware? meant. So.... what?? I do have a note to left if one day, 200 years later, my old dusty hard drive will be bought by future mankind from an antique store. What would I saya? Dear buyer, I hope you'll … Continue reading