WWW Wednesday, July 25th 2018

Hello everybody. Miss me already? Hehehe. This day I want to do another kind of book blog posting. I am joining the WWW Wednesday that is initiated by Sam Ann Elizabeth. Just click the link to know more about this. If you want to join the fun also will be awesome. The more the merrier J. The … Continue reading

Apa Siyh Produktif Itu?

Sehabis blog walking beberapa hari terakhir ini tetiba saya jadi ingin menulis mengenai Produktifitas. Dari salah satu post blogwalking saya, saya dapat link yang mengarah ke post lama (post di awal tahun) dari mba Alodita. Post ini membuat saya sangat tertampar. Mengapa? Karena justru saya merasa … Continue reading

BEC In My Eyes [EF#5]

Happy 1st 'monthversary' BEC!!! I can not believe that I have joined this group and posted the challenges consistently. Usually when I joined a public group like this, I only lasted for one or two weeks. But this time is different. Before I talk further, I am going to tell you the brief biography … Continue reading

A Skilled Lady [EF#1]

Here I go again with an English post. Since I've joined in an online English club called Blog English Club (BEC), I'm challenged -along with the other members- to post in English every Friday with a theme given. The theme for this week is about how I describe my 2015 life will be in one … Continue reading