SanWa Journeys Reborn

Have your ever face the greatest slump? Well, I have and I am. I just do not know why that I got stuck with a reading slump, a blogging slump, a playing slump, a working slump, and anything slump. I feel like I do not wanna do anything except going for a holiday. But at least now I am pushing myself to do blogging.

I have been missing blogging a lot. I was once active back in 2013 and 2014. But since then my spirit went down. I felt nothing to blog about. Although I tried to recover with #bookreview but I felt something was missing about the way I blogged. Now, again, I am trying to recover, reborn (so many times I posted about reborn here, wehehehehe). Same as my Instagram, I try to blog again without any burden (a ha… hope so).

Sooooo what will I do for my SanWa Journeys Reborn?

Change Theme

In a few hours, I will change my blog theme. I will try to find a minimize grid theme. I want to focus on my square photo at the homepage so that it can match with my Instagram. Well, this will also teach me how to be a good amateur photographer though.

No Niche

I know that every SEO material out there teach that a good blog is a blog that has specific Niche. But for me who got bored easily, I won’t do that. This blog is for my pleasure with hope can be a value for others. So it will be something that I really like. Mostly about books, bookish, and travels. But other niche can do as long as it match with my preference and heart. I also open for collaboration 🙂

Connect to Reborn

To be a good blogger who reborn, we need to connect to others. But apparently I do not have that much time to post and also to interact with others that often. But I will try my best to always have an interview with other blogger, instagrammer, influencers, etc (or maybe a guest blog post) once per two weeks or per month.


As part of my instagram bookish #sanwafetured giveaway, I will try to promote through my blog. But maybe someday not only promote. Someday I also might have separate giveaway in my blog as my sincere thankful for my readers. I also will try to search for some collaboration for giveaway.

To build a good blog is not easy. But I know I just need to push my self a little harder. I hope for your cooperation also for me, for us, to be better and give a good influence to others to what we write. Hope you enjoy my blog 🙂



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