There is a First Time for Everything

We had some “first time moments” since we were born as a human being. For example, there was the first time we walk, we eat, we talk, we enter school, and so on. Each of those memories has its own story. Some were sweet, some were bitter. But we always try to memorize them as something precious to be remembered and even told to our beloved children or family.

In this occasion I would like to recall some of my bittersweet first time moments and make this post as a memoir that someday my kids can read and laugh at it :D. Oh by the way, I will not write about my toddlers memories because I could not recall them at all. Maybe someday I will write them after I ask my mother.

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  1. Going Home Alone After School

    Since my first day at school, I had not had the courage to go home alone because I was afraid to be kidnapped. Until one day in my 5th grade of elementary school, I needed to went home alone because no one could pick me up at school. Well, I did go home with one of my friend but only for half of the way. The rest, I must walk alone. Honestly, I was really nervous and scared. But then, I was addicted in going home alone. Usually, I went home directly from school. After this first moment, sometimes I stopped by at the bookstore before going home.

  2. Flying Abroad

    For the very first time I went abroad, I got lost!!! But I enjoyed it :D. I do not have to describe my story here since I have written it before in a different post. You can read the complete story here and here.

  3. Speaking in a Forum

    I was a person who likes to be alone. I was very shy to talk in front of people. Even, I was very nervous if my teacher asked me some school matter in front of the class although I knew the answer. Until someday I was sent to do a meeting abroad and appointed to be one of the speaker in front of fifty people and must do that in English. Okey, I repeat, I must do my first public speaking in English!! I tried to reject as hard as I can to my boss but he did not allow me to do that. Even, he directly emailed the host of the meeting in Singapore and submit my name. I was shaking and shocking for almost 2 weeks until the meeting finished. But hey, it turned good to me. It trained my courage to speak in a forum. Afterward I was repeatedly honored to be a master of ceremony in some formal occasion at my office. Now, to sharpen my public speaking skill, I join a toastmaster club. This is a new experience for me that I will share in a separate post later on.

  4. Giving Birth

    Being a wife and a mother is a delightful role to do on earth. But, a long time ago I did not want to marry because I was afraid of giving birth. The process of it looked painful. And yes, it was painful. Weeks before the due date made me nervous day by day. I kept praying in my heart and kept my mind and body busy so that I did not focus on my fear. But then the due date came early. I felt an early and fast contraction that made me nervous more. Even, I could not remember how to breath properly as taught in the pregnancy exercise class. I just wanted my baby to born immediately. When I thought I could not hold the contraction any longer, there was a slight thought to suddenly change my birth method to c-section. But, voila, I did my birth in normal method and it was a speed recovery. Now, I remember that as a sweet memory.

Those are some of my first time moments that I keep remember until now. How about you? What are your first time moment stories?



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