Undervalued vs Overvalued [EF#31]

After a long period of blogging hiatus, finally I’m back to post a challenge for BEC. But I’m shocked when seeing this week theme. This is quite a hard theme, “Undervalued vs Overvalued”.

Lately my co-workers and I have had discussions related to the welfare of the employees during the breaks. We talked about how the growth of a skillful employees is. We talked about how to compete with the expatriates. And of course finally we talked about salary. People might be reluctant to using the best employee monitoring. It can make them feel anxious but if used appropriately, an entire organization and the employees can largely benefit from it.

Same as the theme given, we were kind of questioning of why those entertainers could make that huge amount of money and get so many full of opportunities  time while some manufacturing employees like us could not even reach even their half of salary although working at the same amount of time, 24/7.

Based on the review from BEC mentor, the paragraph above prefers to be chopped like below:
Same as the theme given, we kind of questioned why those entertainers could make that huge amount of money and got so many full opportunities. Meanwhile some manufacturing employees like us could not reach even half of the entertainer’s salary although we work the same amount of time, 24/7.

For instance, there were a lot of entertainers who held a “sponsored” wedding day with their dream concept while the ordinary employees should save their own average salary for months to hold a simple wedding. Well, we were not trying to be “nyinyir” but we really realized that life sometimes was unfair to some people.

Seeing the reality and based on my own opinion, Indonesia has a bit imbalance for some kind of professions. From this imbalance emerges a mind set that some particular professions can make a living and some can not, some can make you rich and some can not. For example, Home Appliances Engineers are undervalued rather than the Product Marketeer so it this makes people always think how to be a great marketeer while no one wants to be the innovator of new home appliances product. Or the other example, Teachers are undervalued rather than Professional Consultants or Trainers. And there are so many others.

But, however we always think about this, this kind of difference will not stop. Undervalued or Overvalued will always be there everywhere we go and whatever we do. So, maybe we just need to live our life to the fullest and work as hard as we can in the positive way, in a halal way.




Update: this post is updated based on the review from BEC mentor (under maroon color and).

8 comments on “Undervalued vs Overvalued [EF#31]

  1. We, Indonesian, thinking that those expats are overvalued. But we, Indonesian, who work abroad were the object of the same thinking from the local workers. Indeed there will always be undervalued or overvalued no matter we are.

    1. Halo mba, aku baikkk!!! Mba sendiri apa kabarnya?? Hehehehe iya niyh,, aku lagi agak mandek ngeblog dan blogwalking 😀 … Mudah-mudahan jadi semangat lagi sesudah ini… Awww awww jadi malu :)) Makasih banyak mba 🙂

    1. Jehehehehe beneran ya kalo udah mandek ngeblog terus mau mulai lagi itu jadi kayak ngulang dari nol, grogi-grogi gimana gitu…
      But what I wrote is true from my deepest heart. Miris lihat kondisi yang nggak imbang kayak gini.

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