Love and Life Relationship [EF#20]

Who doesn’t want a happy family with a great successful career and being rich? I want all of those either. I also want 34 hour home care givers for my mom who is suffering from Alzheimer. Is this possible to achieve? Yes, It is. But how to do that? For now I say I don’t know. But let me tell you my story

I am a person who loved to do everything alone. I have the ambition to achieve my highest goal without even thinking of a serious relationship. Even I once broke-up with career as the reason why. I can say that during my “jomblo” (single) period, I was very productive. I learned many things and played every thing without being watched by a boyfriend. I felt free.

Year by year had gone by. Suddenly I was worried with my love life. I want to have a family but my age is almost at the end of twenties. I prayed for a nice boyfriend and then I got it. I felt like my world was just around him. Life was very bright and colorful around him. Everything I did, I did mostly with him. We went traveling and playing together. Until someday we decided to get married.

But boom, suddenly I got stuck with my career and my life. My life changed 180 degrees. Then, I felt like a woman that always run out of time. I felt like my me-time and my future were reaching their end of life. I missed my single time before I met him and kept thinking about it. Did I blame my relationship then? Yes, I did. But, then I realize this blaming thing was totally WRONG!! It was once my choice and then I got the consequences. I should get out from the wallow that I made for myself. There was nothing to be regret, so I started taking care of my job, my family and my health, I found out what is the price for Nutrisystem plans, and start using them as well.

I am not telling you this to not get married. No!! I am telling you this for you to prepare a love and life balance since the very beginning of your life. To be thankful for a life that is given by God, you should have a healthy love and life relationship, so exercising with an amazon balance disc and living a happy life is important. At least, when you reach 20 and you’ve already had your own identity card, you shall prepare a balance life. Prepare your future early, search for a good relationship early, and maintain them all at once. Just enjoy your life. Life is not about relationship only, but not also about your importance only. Both of them shall balance. It is also important to maintain physical health, now a days products from Vision 20 zenith labs can be found online, so there is no excuse.

Now I believe this principle and I believe I can reach what I said at the beginning of this post. It seems that it’s late to maintain my love and life relationships. But hey, nothing is impossible. Now I am compromising it with my husband and I love him even more :*). On top of that, one thing that I always hold and will always hold forever, family (relationship) matters the most.

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4 comments on “Love and Life Relationship [EF#20]

  1. Well, I don’t know how it feels because still not married at this time. But some of my friends say that it is good to get married. And you have to manage yourself to have me time.

  2. I also have the same thought. In a way, having a relationship (lover/spouse then your own family) takes some “me-time” from us, but they also double our happiness. So they create additional problem, but also create additional happiness 🙂

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