Childhood Favorite Character [EF#14]

Hello my beloved reader! Do you miss me? I know you do and I miss you too :D. A past month I reduced my activity in blogging because I wanted to refurnish my blog. And tadaaaa… welcome to my new home. Although I still use the same domain but you might see a different layout. Owh by the way, please re-adding this blog to your reader or RSS feed for a continuous update since I will not updating my old one unless there will be an emergency.

As my first post in my new home, I would like to dedicate this one to the English Friday challenge which I skipped for about 5 challenges. The theme for this Friday is Favorite Cartoon Character. Okey, here I go.

Actually, I had posted two similar posts before. So you might know that I loved Sailormoon very much. Yup I had loved that pretty lady since I was a cute kid. Why was that so? It was because she was pretty. Although she was figured as the ugliest among the sailors but to me she was drawn in a beautiful face and body, similar to the other sailors. If not, how could the mask tuxedo fell in love with her? Moreover, sometimes the figures or faces in Japanese Comic Books are alike, whether the figures are boys or girls.

Sailor MoonCosmos_and_Chibi_Chibi

Beside her pretty face, I liked the costumes that were used by Sailor Moon such as her Sailor Suit which—to me—reflected her as a true leader because she did not represent to a particular colour, her beautiful white queen dress which reflected her as a wise queen to lead her territory, her last sailor outfit when she was known as Sailor Cosmic, her Chibi outfit, and so on. I used to dream to have them in my wardrobe, but I don’t think it is relevant now compare to my age :D. But one day I had ever sketched a simple white dress that was inspired by Sailor Moon’s queen dress which I intended to make it as my wedding gown. Unfortunately I forgot whether I still saved it or already went to the trash bin.

Another reason why I liked this figure was for her iconic pose when she was about to battle, “Dengan kekuatan bulan akan menghukummu.” This was very iconic even I made it as my “iconic” pose when I was playing with my neighbours. For your information, now I am amazed that I still remember that iconic tagline but do not ask me to show you the pose, I totally forgot.

I guess, that is it for today. I just wonder about the fellow readers favorite character. Did you have one? Feel free to share below.


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This post is submitted for the 14th challenge of English Friday by Blog English Club.

18 comments on “Childhood Favorite Character [EF#14]

    1. Hello…
      Yes, you’re right… It’s been quite a while since we connected… I was too focused on re-designing my blog. 😀
      Awhhhh it’s a very nice of you… Thank you very muccchhh!!!!!
      I will follow-up it as soon as possible.. Once again thank you and have a nice day. 🙂

  1. Ooo. New home. I better check it on my laptop. I can’t load the images here.
    Many members choose Sailormoon as the favorite cartoon.

    1. Welcome to my new home mas 🙂
      Ehehehe but this one is still messy. All the feature image is gone. I need to maintain one by one. Hopefully by the end of this week it will be finished completely.
      Wahh I haven’t blogwalked at all. I guess the iconic pose was the charm 😀

    1. Sailor Moon was indeed bring a big influence to our childhood. Ahahaha jadi tau hidup di generasi mana yang milih Sailor Moon 😀
      Thank you so much mas for visiting my new home. 🙂

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