Alter Ego of Me [EF#6]

The topic for BEC challenge for this week is quite hard. This is related to my alter ego. I have never thought to myself that I have alter ego. Somehow I always think that alter ego is like spiderman, sailormoon, superman, catwoman, and another superheros figure. They change into a different person after changing costume.

For example, Sailormoon, my favorite superhero figure when I was a kid. Sailormoon is a very powerful superhero that has a moon power to fight the crime and powerful evil in earth. She has her charm of being the leader of all the sailors. Moreover she is a pretty and the prettiest princess!!! But in her daily life, she is just a childish Usagi who always has bad score at school and can not do any homework properly. She is not popular also. She is categorized as the average-look girl.


This example got through me and made me thinking even harder. Do I have even a single alter ego? And maybe the answer is yes.

In my daily life I’m just an ordinary woman who never shows my ability in speaking. I am shy and introvert. But I might change into a different person while I am on stage. When I was given a task to be MC, I could show myself differently. I became a confident person who knew how to speak fluently. My shyness and introvert attitude also could not be seen through my writing. Some people might not think that I was introvert through my writing.

But to me those are ‘bad’ attitude. I want to change them into who I am ‘on stage’. The attitude ‘on stage’ I consider as ‘good’ attitude. Well in my opinion, I do not want to have an alter ego anymore. I do not say that alter ego is bad. But, my ordinary attitude seems bad. I just want to be me with a good attitude. It does not mean that being good is easy. But I am progressing. We are progressing to be a better person.

So, how about you. Do you have an alter-ego?


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This post is submitted for the sixth challenge of English Friday by Blog English Club (BEC).

27 comments on “Alter Ego of Me [EF#6]

  1. I think that’s cool, Mba, that your alter ego can encourage you to be more confident when you are on stage. It seems most of us have alter egos who are the opposite of our personalities. Nice post, Mba Sandrine 🙂

  2. You right, I thought you are not type of shy person, but your alter ego could turn into super confidence person I think that is cool, I probably be dead if I’m on the stage or show in public as a MC 😀

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