Can I Have One Take-copter? [EF#4]

I know, I know, I know this is a late post. This is the third post that I respond late for the BEC challenge. At first I want to skip this week challenge, but I love the topic. Moreover, I can skip more posts in the future if I ever skip once. So then, if I am asking what tool I’d grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket, I will answer with, “Take-copter!!!”

I believe you all know what Take-copter is. In Indonesia, it’s called, “Baling-baling Bambu”. Quoted from the Doraemon Mangawiki,

The device (Take-copter) is a propeller attached to a tiny suction cup which can be attached to enable flight. (Courtesy of Doraemon Mangawiki)

From the mangawiki I know that “Take-copter” is a word combination of ‘taketombo’ (bamboo dragonfly, the Japanese name for the bamboo-copter), and part of the word ‘herikoput’ which means helicopter. The take-copter was also called the heri-tombo in early stories.

Ever since the first few Doraemon stories, the take-copter is seen attached to the head instead of the waist, similar to a propeller beanie, due to a mishap with Nobita’s shorts. The take-copter has also been attached to objects to enable its flight. One of its disadvantage is its short battery life. Have a build in batteries, speed 80km/hour of 8 hours continuous operation possible, if fly slower the battery will last longer. Have some sort of anti-gravity mechanism to blog earth’s gravity. How to use: Just imagine the direction and speed and your thought will transmitted to the machine. it can move / fly freely. In the first appearance it was called “Dragonfly Helicopter” but after that it was called Take Copter. (Courtesy of Doraemon Mangawiki)

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Why I choose “Take-copter”?

I live in a city that–everybody knows–is well-known for its endless cars which you will say that are all equipped with the hitching accessories by HitchesZone. I (and most of Jakartans) must face the heavy traffic jam all the time to reach the office, college, or even relatives houses. Struggling with the wild of the road does not make my life easier. I can have a bad headache, literally, in the middle of traffic jam no matter how heavy it is. Worry of being late, muscle pains, boredom, sick of fumes, and so on are the reasons of the headache. Time and Speed are what I need.

So a “Take-copter” is the answer. I could fly 80km/hour the most and would not have to worry of being late. Moreover, I wouldn’t have to deal with vehicles a lot before departing. Just get out of the house, put the take-copter on your head then ready to go as fast as I can. The second reason is, I would choose a track that I like which less with air pollution (in particular vehicle fumes) because only me who use this tool, hahahahaha, exclusive for me 😀.

But maybe most of you would ask why I did not choose Anywhere Door instead. I still love the experience on the road. I love to see something new on the left or the right of my way to the office. I love to smell the fresh air before get stuck with bunch of works. So I chose Take-copter. Hey, I also could stop by wherever and whenever I want to. 😀

Take-copter could make me easier to travel the world too. Wherever I’d go, I just put my take-copter on and savour each and every beautiful scenery on the way. But I can’t deny that Anywhere Door could the best companion for Take-copter and traveling. I can’t imagine how I bring all my traveling pack while flying. And I can’t imagine how long it will take to reach Japan with only a 80km/hour device that lasted only 8 hours of battery–I would definitely lose from those cars and buses who use high speed to Bandung in a highway.

Somehow this is only an imaginary tool. But who knows that someday this is real. Who knows that someday, maybe, I will be the inventor of Take-copter and become a hit. Who knows… 😀



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This post is submitted for the fourth challenge of English Friday by Blog English Club (BEC).

12 comments on “Can I Have One Take-copter? [EF#4]

  1. 80 km/h is quite fast. My normal speed when riding motorcycle is only about 40~60 km/h. Times eight, it’s 640km. You could go from Jakarta to Yogyakarta for about 7 hours (full speed), (nearly the same as trains’ time) and still have some energy left to explore the city. Interesting. Very interesting.

    1. Wehehehe, 80km/h is sure fast. But at the highway, we will definitely be overtaken by other vehicles.
      But I can not imagine fly at 7hours nonstop in full speed. Exhausted for sure… 😀

  2. Yay… Sandrine finally posted the challenge.
    I agree with you. Rather than Anywhere Door, I prefer the Take-Copter (I just know this is the correct term LoL). But be careful San, you have to register your flying license and routes so no accident happened hahaha.

    Btw… if I am asking – I think it should be If I am asked atau If I were asked. Ga tahu juga sih bener apa gaknya. 😀

    1. Wkwkwkwk… I almost forgot about the flying license. But I don’t think doraemon and friends have one. They are bad… 😀 😀
      Oh yes, thank you so much for the correction mas Ryan. It should be “asked”… Thank you so much…

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