My Wildest Dream [EF#2]

Talking about my wildest dream, I have written about this in my previous post, A Higher Level Goal. In that post I said that my dream was to go around the world as written in the book with the same title. This is my wildest dream even until now. I always dream of visiting all the beautiful towns and villages around the world. Not only visiting them, but sharing my experiences into words is the part of my wildest dream.

Why do I say that this is the wildest one?

First thing first, I have family. I do not say that every woman who has already been married do not have time to go around the world. But in my case, to make time (and of course money) for traveling is not as easy as I was single. I need to manage my time even tighter than ever, my job, my role as housewife, my hobbies, my other responsibilities, and so on. Moreover when, someday, I will be given beautiful and handsome kids.

Seeing this reality in front of my eyes, once made me think that maybe I would not have the chance at all only to see the different side of the universe. Moreover when I saw that a lot of women who could travel around the world mostly single. I almost lost my hope. Until someday I decided to start blogging again and met a travel blogger–online–who had family (with kids). She (yes the inspired blogger is a woman and a traveler) could travel the world with her own family.

Who doesn’t know mba Tesya from her blog Tesya’s Blog and Kiddo’s Travel Stories. She was the inspired lady and wife that made my wildest dream alive. Through Her I realized that every wife has the right to see the whole world. She did not have to travel alone, but she could bring her family to enjoy what she enjoyed the most. Of course, her decisions needed her husband approvals who also liked to go traveling. And she got them all, the approvals, the love, the togetherness, and the fun. Through her I found a lot of women traveler who traveled with their family.

So here I am now with a hope up high. I have discussed with my husband and he said, “why not?” as long as we get and can make chances (time and money). Nothing is impossible though. If it is not possible then it is not right for me, for us, for our little family. Most important thing, ahead of my wildest dream, family always matters the most :).



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9 comments on “My Wildest Dream [EF#2]

    1. Awhhh thank you very much mba Dewi for the tips. I’m starting to make a note for future traveling from now on πŸ˜€
      Aaaa.. I salute you … keep inspiring through traveling πŸ™‚

  1. That’s a good dream, Mba Sandrine πŸ™‚ being a wife (or mother in future) who travels to many places with husband and (maybe, kids) sounds really great!

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