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Joining NaBloPoMo–although not posting everyday–making my blogging experience expanding. Why is that? Because I make time for blogging. As a newly wed like me, I don’t know, after I got married I become a person who loves to stay at home sitting in front of computer, or reading, or watching DVD. Didn’t like when I was single, I loved walking to places. If you ask me what my idea is of a perfect day off: one during which I can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other, Sparkling or Still; I will answer with a single word, Still.

I find very interesting to explore my world through the internet especially blogging. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to meet anyone else. I do still meet them and connect relation. But on my day off let’s say in the weekday, I will be very excited if spending my most time through blogging. Maybe the old days business that make me like this. Maybe the lack of time on blogging on the past days, due to preparing my study and marriage that makes me like this nowadays.

Spending my time on blogging doesn’t make me only building a new post. I recently browse about “Blogging” itself. I searched how to make an interesting and influencing post, how to trigger a topic for post, how to build a new blog, and so on, and so on. My searches take me to below tips and sites:

  1. 5 Tips For Successful Style Blogging
  2. Ask LBS: How Do I Get My Blog Noticed?
  3. Bloggers Inspiring Bloggers
  4. Blogging Tips: The First Year
  5. Blogging Tips – Writing Quality Content for your Blog
  6. Blogging Tips: How to Grow Your Blog
  7. Cara efektif membangun blog
  8. Cara maintaining blog secara rutin
  9. Tips Belajar Ngeblog untuk Pemula 
  10. 25 Tips to Become a More Productive Blogger
  11. What Makes People Read Your Blog Post? 26 Bloggers Share What They Look For!
  12. Yuk, Tiru Jejak BLogger Hebat
  13. 4 Kegiatan Menulis untuk Membuat Anda Menjadi Seorang Blogger! 
  14. Cara membuat blog yang bagus dan harus diketahui blogger
  15. Do You Wait Till Things Get #Interesting ?
  16. Cara Mengatasi Suspend Blog WP
  17. and sooo… ooonnn. This list will be updated with many more inspiration.

From those links there are few tips that remind myself in blogging:

1.   Be brave on making a post but it must not be judgmental.

Somehow new bloggers, like me, afraid in posting a blog. Sometimes I am afraid I don’t have any topics to share, sometimes there are times that I don’t brave enough to blurt my heart out. Actually this is wrong. Every person was born differently. Each one is given a different experience that somehow can help the other people to stand on their own feet. Anything that are crossed in mind, as long it is my mind with a true fact, I just need to be brave to share it as long as it is not judgmental. Posting a judgmental post is also not good. If I want to post what is principal to me, I try not to be judgmental but view in my point of view as long as it’s not related to SARA–in Indonesian–or Ethnicity, Religion, Race, and Social Groups.

2.   Just be you but represent an informative post.

Ambition on blogging for new bloggers somehow making them craving for another blog posts. Too much reading another blog without practicing our own style only make us a copycat. I learn from another bloggers, to deliver a good post we have to be us with our own style of writing. I am in the middle of developing my own style but in the right corridor of writing. Once more, be you doesn’t mean it’s lack of inspirational. Somehow it shall be an inspired post and an informative one. At least for our own self when we read it someday. We have to make the post as informative as it can for our self first, how interesting it is for our own. But if we want to expand a little more, same as the principle of selling, we need to know more the demand, what kind of informative and inspired posts that are needed by the readers. We need to balancing of “being yourself” and “informative”.

3.   Posting often but relation shall be built.

To increase our skill, we need to post often. Often doesn’t mean post a day. Often means that we have to have a discipline habit. If we tell our self to post a week then do it, post twice a week just do it, or maybe everyday then go ahead. These all shall be covered with CONSISTENCY. Logically, post more often will increase our skill more and more. But remember everything has the right time. Relation with other bloggers shall also be built. Connect to other blogs, other bloggers, may never be broken. We need to go BLOGWALKING to another “home”, build a good connection, comment nicely, and still be you. If we do not related to the other bloggers or publish our posts and play in social media, how can we promote our own blog. It will be very joyful if the bloggers conduct meet and greet (as for me, I do not step to this stage yet, I believe there is a right time). Relation also means connection to our own family and friends. Do not make blogging as the tool to disrupt the connection with those nearby.

4.   Blog design is the second think after posting but doesn’t mean it is least important.

Bloggers of course want their site in a good stat position. They must be monitor their site stat, including me. Post more often in good content is the solution to bring visitors. But there are also additional ways to make their site consistently have a high page view–even higher. Blog design and search engine optimization from SearchUp tricks are the ways. Of course posting is number one and design is number two, but viewers–and also to our self–will visit more often if our site is good looking and easy to be read. But the design and SEO doesn’t to be bold enough or you will get a slow site and maybe a suspension letter because too much trick in implementing SEO. Blogging also have their own rule. Google and another platforms always give their own updated TOS. So beware and be careful. Always remember, post often with good content, that is based on the rule, is much more appreciated.

5.   Enjoy your life.

Last but not the least, we need to enjoy our life. Sometimes blogger focus on making money through blog. They work really heard to increase money without noticing that their life is encroached by its activity. They forgot that a good content of a blog post comes from the life itself. Every part of our life shall be celebrated everyday with its own way. After we enjoy it then share through blog. Do not be burden of blogging but make blogging the interesting journey of our life. The work I’ve been doing to get rank our website up higher in the search engines through a local SEO reseller should help to motivate me!

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I realize that these are the tips for myself. But I do hope this can be inspiring to the readers–despite my bad English and sentences (I’m still learning how to write clearly :D). Happy blogging :).


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24 comments on “Making Time for Blogging

  1. Salam kenal mbak Sandrine, aku mu tanya dong, referensi beli domain/ hosting di mana yah? Aku lagi nyari2 tempat beli domain nih, mu serius belajar ngeblo, ceritanya… Tks.


    1. Halo mba, salam kenal juga 🙂
      Aku sendiri untuk blog ini pakai domain dan hosting dari MWN. Aku pilih ini karena harga bersaing siyh dan tetap ingin mempertahankan menggunakan wordpress self hosted.
      Tapi ada blog ku yang satu lagi untuk blog buku, beli domain saja di idwebhost soalnya yg satunya pake blogspot biar hostingnya gratis (hehehe sekalian).

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