My Twenty-Something Life

Inspired by this beautiful post called “Make Something Out of 20 Something Years”, I’m trying to combine daily prompt topic for today with that inspiring post which I call with “My Twenty-Something Life”. I decide to mix them because both have good topics and also somehow related.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Classic answer, but not classic enough to apply. How can I say that. Okey in my twenty-something life–yeah I’m 27 this year–there were so many unhappy things and feeling. We are not human if we never feel unhappy at least once. But, we will waste our time if we stand on that unhappy feeling. Once we feel that way, we need to suddenly flip our life for being happy. No Time to Waste. Our life is too short if we only live in our unhappy world. I have so many happy memories at my twenties which overcame unhappiness. It first started when I invested in Stellar Lumens and got my business started with the money I got from this.

i.   Graduated with a high GPA at 21

I was graduated with a Diploma Degree at 21st. I wasn’t expected that I will be one of the ten bests of my faculty. I didn’t get a Cum-Laude GPA, but had three point something GPA is a great achievement for woman studying in Electrical Engineering. This was not the faculty I dreamed of. I wanted to be a part of Information Technology faculty. But I didn’t get the chance so I decided to join Electrical Engineering faculty. Yeah you know, if people do not have a heart with the faculty they choose, they tend to be lazy to learn. But hey, I made it. I made my parents proud :).

ii.  Had my first salary at 21

When most people waited to be employed after graduation for minimum one month, I was recruited even before I finished my final assignment. October 2008 was the first time I joined a multi-national company until now. And 28 October 2008 was the first time I was paid for being an employee. I felt like I was not a teenager anymore. I was a young adult. This was happiness.

iii.  Had a boyfriend at 21 and broke-up at 23

Some of you may find me silly, but yes, I had my FIRST boyfriend at 21. Most people had a relationship at their seventeen or below. But me at my twenties. My parents did not allow me to have a boyfriend until I graduate. It turned good to me. Also I broke-up for the FIRST and the LAST time at my 23. I call this happiness because I can feel the bitter of life like the books I read back then. This one was the turning point of my life.

iv.  Continue study to reach bachelor at 22

Every young adult wants to reach bachelor degree. So was I. In order to achieve a better future, I took my bachelor class while working. It was hard but I made it. Even I could get a cum-laude GPA.

v.  Had a group of new friends at 23

I was an introvert type of people. I only made friends with a group of friends I met at the college (when I took my diploma). Although I already live alone since my diploma class, I didn’t make friends aside of them. Until my turning point, after I broke-up, I decide to expand my network. I made friends with the people from the same flat I lived back then. Through them I started to open to another people and brave enough to face the world. This doesn’t mean that I forgot my college friends. I still keep in touch with both of them until now.

vi.  Went traveling from my own salary at 24

Traveling is my dream. I started to achieve it at my twenties with my own salary. I could go by plane from my own money (although that was a promo-flight :D). What made me happy that I could go to Yogyakarta with my best friends.

vii.  Had my passport and going abroad three times in a row at 25

It took 4 years for me to be trusted to go abroad by my company. When the other employees were sent at their earlier days, I was one left behind. But I did not wait in vain. At the beginning of 2012, I was sent three times abroad, three months in a row. Although only to neighbor countries but the excitement of holding a passport and filled with stamps were precious. You can read my experience to Malaysia (Part 1 & Part 2), Singapore first (Part 1 & Part 2), and Singapore second by click the link one by one.

viii.  Urged to travel more at 25

Because of the excitement of number six and seven I tried to travel more. At my 25th, I went to Belitung and Bromo then following with another destinations the next years. Of course with my own salary that I saved.

ix.  Continue study to reach master at 26

Although already had a permanent job, I want to reach one of my dream of being a woman in work behind IT area. So I decided to take Master degree in Information System. Haven’t finished yet, but hope I can finish my master degree at the middle of next year.

x.  Got promoted at 26

After 5 years, I got promoted yeay. I am allowed to have a subordinate. For entire 4 years I worked alone and directly report to the highest management of the division I have worked for.

xi.  Went traveling with my own sister at 27

I never went traveling with my own sister before, yup, never. When I got the chance to visit Singapore in a FAM event at the beginning of this year (read the story here), I remembered my sister at the first place and bought her two-ways ticket. I hope I can go traveling with her even more in the future and also bring along my mom, my dad, and my new family.

xii.  Got Married at 27

My second boyfriend became my last. He is my husband now. The point number three is really my turning point. The point number three should happen in order for me to face a new form of life. I hope there will be a new life at my twenties :D.

xiii.  Fell in Love with Blogging at 27

I forgot how, but I started to love blogging these last two months. I already had blog at my senior high time, when friendster was a hit a provide blogging platform. Until my second year of diploma, I changed my habit with facebooking. Blogging was not entirely left behind. I moved my blog to multiply, then to blogger, then to wordpress until I decided to delete all of my unimportant posts–which now I regret. After being employed I tried to build my blog again, change from one platform to another and too often customizing theme, but rarely to update my blog. Now I decide to make blogging as my habit because I have another goal. I make a permanent site and try not to bother a lot with customizing theme. Hopefully this can continue 🙂

This is my twenty something life. This list is not finished (yet). There are more to be told and will be more to be shared. I might say that this twenty something life is greater than my teenage life. There will be so much dream that I try to achieve in my twenties with my parents and my new little family. But time is always running. We will reach our thirties, forties, fifties, and so on. Then time will tell what our life be. At least we need to live a happiness life, because Life Is To Short To Be Unhappy.

What’s your happy life at your twenties?


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22 comments on “My Twenty-Something Life

  1. Hampir sebagian besar sama San 😀 Kecuali yg point vii karena emang belum pengen aja ke LN. Kalo toh ada kesempatan maunya lgsg ke HK (sekaligus agak jauh gitu) dan point xii yang kalo Tuhan berkehendak tahun depan terlaksana 😀

    1. Usia dua puluhan menyenangkan ya,,, jadi penasaran kalau sudah dikepala tiga nantinya.
      Wah HK, pilihan yang okey punya, bisa jadi terealisasi tahun depan saat point xii terlaksana, amiiinnnn. Semoga lancar sampai hari-H nyaaaa 😍🎉🎊

    1. Thank you very muchhhh… Somehow I think that I am late in planning my own future if seeing the younger people than me… But after listing my twenty-something life I realize that everything turns out beautiful in the right time. 🙂

  2. what a beautiful 20’s you have!
    I love my 27! I could travel a lot,I got married…got a new job, etc!
    aku lagi nulis kumpulan cerpen semuanya tentang cewe usia 27 …hihihi ga tau kapan kelarnya

    1. Thank you!!!
      Yuk yuk segera, jadi ga sabar pengen baca. Umur dua puluhan menyenangkan ya…
      Seru juga listing berkat-berkat itu… Abis ngetiknya malah jadi malu sendiri kenapa kebanyakan waktu kebelakang kebanyakan menggerutunya, padahal banyak hal indah yang sudah terjadi 😀

  3. It’s really true, your story make me want to make up my mind once again to get what I want, thank you for sharing your great story 🙂

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