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At first seeing today daily prompt topic making me think harder. Then I get what Buyers, Beware? meant. So…. what?? I do have a note to left if one day, 200 years later, my old dusty hard drive will be bought by future mankind from an antique store. What would I saya?

Dear buyer, I hope you’ll find this hard drive in a good condition. Hope the optic of this old ancient drive can work very well. That is why this hard drive ended up in an antique store you visited. Because you’ll find history inside.

I don’t mean that you will find history of a country or a history of a mankind evolution or such, but you will find how attractive a Life is Back Then, at least to my eyes, to my point of view. I will drive over and drop off the hard drive there, but first I need insurance4motortrade before I start driving again.

Do not be surprised that you will see a group of kids playing in the small part of the world with a wide fresh meadow. I guess you find it hard these days. Do not be surprised when a small country could be taken with its thousands face of beauty by a shot from a small little girl. Do not be surprised when a small family could easily enjoy a white sand beach although life was not easy to them.

The more you search through, the more you’ll find another interesting things back then. The more you open each folder, the more you’ll addicted to its ancient colorful pictures. Because that was an interesting Life Back Then.

I don’t mean that the future will have less fresh meadow and beauty, but I don’t know. While typing this post I am remembering how our world is in a critical stage which will not be last in the future as it is now if we keep living by harming the world. But I do hope, from a little person like me and so many others, we can keep the zillions face of beauty of our world until thousand years ahead.


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