Circle of Friends

This is a story of a group of friends. A story of how my friends appears in my eyes.

Well maybe I don’t have much to be told for this Second-Hand Stories prompt but for sure I say that my friends are always there.

I remember how we met at the college. Back then I was active in one of a college activity. I was an activist in college Christian ministry. At my second grade I was chosen as one of the member of the Core Team, and I am the youngest member. Our task was to lead the ministry for one year and had to start by choosing the organizational members for the ministry. I didn’t the person we chose. Although at the same year with me but I knew no one, they are mostly from the other faculties.

Until someday all members were fixed and ready to meet one another in an initial gathering. There was my friend, just name her Miss Y, who was very attractive, and a typical sanguine person. In that gathering there was another woman, we just call her Miss F, who looked as a withdrawn person. She asked to Miss Y about me. She asked whether I am a senior or not. Miss Y. lightly answered with, “Of course. She is our senior, older than us.” After that no further question from Miss F.

In the middle of gathering, we were divided into groups that leaded by the member of Core Team and Miss F joined my group. Suddenly she called me, “kakak”, this is an Indonesian of an older sister. At first I was shocked, was I that old?? hahaha. Then I corrected her statement. I said that I am at the same age as her. Suddenly her expression was changed and feel a bit embarrassed. After that she did not talk to Miss Y. without Miss Y. notice for a month I guess. Until maybe Miss F could not keep it. She blurted it out to Miss Y in front of me, and Miss Y reacted only by laughing it out loud. Her laughter made Miss F face was red as a crab. I thought that Miss F and Miss Y would fight for the rest of organizational year. So it meant doom to me.

But my thought was wrong. I didn’t exactly know what Miss Y did–well but I know she was a friend that people can not be angry to. After a day they became best friends. Best friends to each other, to me, and to other 10. Even after 8 years have passed, they still become best friends. We are best friends until this day with many others. They also the people who helped me preparing my marriage and with many we have prepared plans for our senior living and to travel, look in 10 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors, it seem very interesting topic to read . Thankfully my friends are very sweet and they are all excited.

We never know how people relate. But one thing we know that everything happen for a reason. If Miss Y did not answer Miss F question like “that”, maybe we never be closed friends until now.


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