A Higher Level Goal

What is a GOAL to you? How do you feel when you achieve it? Those are two questions I could not answer easily. I needed to think twice even hundred times to answer it clearly.

When I was a kid everybody said, “Sandrine, you have to put your dreams up high in the sky.” And then they would continue by asking, “So what is your dream for your future?”

Easily I answered with, “I don’t know.” Then the person who asked responded with a smile or laugh. So many times I was asked with the same question and answered with the same answer. Typical kid mostly would say being a doctor, a pilot, a policeman, or even a president. While me, I just answered with a simple, “I don’t know,” with a big grin and went away to go playing with the other kid.

Years passed by, when I grew older, in my junior high school, I started to love reading books. Everyday I went to the library during break time and borrowed some good books. I love to read Enyd Bliton books for her Mallory Tower series, Goosebumps, and so on. I also began to read English books. My first English books are the series of Sweet Valey Twins. The library provided so many series of this Sweet Valey Twin books.

Suddenly, I ran out of Sweet Valey Twin books to borrow. Searching for another English book and I chose Around The World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne which appeared as an old book. Really, I did not like old classic books back then. I just gave it a try because no other books to be borrowed.

I might say at first that I took longer time to finish this book rather than other book in same size. But in the end I found the book was amazing. Do not ask me what the story was about because I forgot what I read. I only know that after reading the book, every time I was asked with the question, “What is your dream for your future?” I would answer with, “I want to go around the world.”

This tagline is not only a kid’s dream. It became my goal since then. If you asked me have I achieved it or not I will say that I am at the first step to achieve it. Two years ago a chance to know another part of the world came to me. From all the employees in my division, three times in three months, I was sent to have a business trip abroad. This was really my home run. At last I got the change to hit my first walk-out home run. It was amaaaazzzziiinnnggg.

But like I said before, this was only the first step. I need to make a higher level to reach my goal, “Go Around The World”. I need to join another game to make a second, third, forth, and so on walk-out home run and I am ready to go for it.




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8 comments on “A Higher Level Goal

  1. Wow ! I really wish thay someday I got a chance like you…tapi ya kayaknya ga mungkin juga jadi ngarep suami ajalah kalo bisa dia dpt chance keluar and aku nebeng…hahhaha
    Anyway ur English is cool 🙂

    1. Amiiinnnn… Hehehe iya niyh sekarang masa-masa resesi, susah juga dikirim2 lagi 🙁
      Ya tetap berharap 😀
      Terima kasih bacaannya bisa dimengerti, sungguh itu ngasal dan asal ketik o_O

    1. Wuaduh.. itu masih dasar banget mak lagipula ngasal bingit. Udah gitu pasif pula, kalo disuruh ngomong pasti bengong,,, hahahaha… Masih banyak belajar dari para masternya.
      Ya, mudah-mudahan bisa dimengerti bagi yang membacanya, itung-itung ikut daily prompt sambil latihan. 😀
      Makasih banyak ya mak…

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