Good Books Are Not Expensive

Who said that good books are expensive? To me it’s not always like that. Do you believe that I bought around 70 (e-)books for $0.00 aka free?

Maybe some of you think that I downloaded it illegally? Or maybe some of you think I copied them from friends? Both of the reasons are definitely wrong.

I definitely bought them online through AMAZON KINDLE!

I guess some of you already realize that Amazon Kindle not always sells books with high price. There are books below $5.00 even $0.00. But sometimes we found that books with $0.00 is old ancient books such as Jane Austen books. But for you who don’t know, have you ever found books from now-a-days author (even best seller author) sell their good books with $0.00?

Visit and you’ll find many good kindle books that are sold from $0.00 in a period of time. But don’t get it in a wrong way, only shows you the link of those kindle books that are sold for $0.00. But really I don’t how they got that link even it’s hard for me to search alone through But anyway they, who expert in this kind of things, did it. So, me as a bookworm, just thank to them because of that. ^^

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By the way, for a short information why those kindle books are sold for $0.00, sometimes authors liked to give away their books for free in terms of promotion. They did that only in a period of times maybe one, two, or more days, or even weeks.

For your information, I already bough two hundreds free kindle books…. Soooo what are you waiting for… Just visit

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NB: I take no credit for promoting, I don’t even know who are the persons behind its desk. I just promote as a sharing matter only. What I like to do that is what I promote. So enjoy ^^

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