J’aime Schtroumpfs

I found Smurfs comicsssss. Well yeah those are free ebooks but still I’m happy. I love Smurfs verrrrryyy muccccchhhh, although I don’t collect the toys or dolls or any accessories due to expensive.

So, why I like the smurfs? Because I like blue. I like the “tiny” little things. I like the cuteness. And they all look the same which look very unique to me. But if you ask me the name of each character, I will answer, “I don’t know. I only know papa smurf and smurfette.” Weird ha, but still I like them.

Six months ago I saw a tiny characters of smurfs at one of toy store in PIM. But, because of the high price I could not afford to buy. A few hours later I found the replication ones but the face was not the same with the actual character. So I decided not to buy, more over the price looked high than it looked. That made me stop my searching of smurfs characters.

And today, suddenly it hits my head again to collect smurfs comics. I searched through used books site but could not find them. Unstopped, unstopped, and unstopped searching, I found in e-book format. But the e-books I found were not in complete series. I still try to search the other series.

Below is the e-book of smurfs i found. If you want them just click the title and you’ll find my drop box. By the way, some in English and some in Indonesian, some in PDF format, some in cbr format, and some in jpg format (I found in various sites so in various types also). I also apologise if the quality of the files are not good, because I think they are directly scanned from the original paper book, but don’t worry, they are eligible to be read.

Have fun with smurfs because they are smurfy and smurflicious!!!!! 😀

Indonesian Version

1. 3 Kisah Smurf

2. Smurf Bendahara

3. Semua Harus di Smurf

4. Malapetaka di Dusun Smurf

5. Kepala Smurf dan Smurf Keras Kepala

English Version

1. 01 Smurfs – The Smurf Plane

2. 02 Smurfs – The Smurfs and The Evil Bird

3. 03 Smurfs – Monster Smurf

Just click below link guys, and enjoy!!!!


I give the credit to Pupu Yaya, Download Komik Gratis, eBook and Comic Download Collections, and Download eBook Collections for sharing this beloved comics. Thank you, thank you, thank you very muuuucccchhh.


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