What a great experience i just had. Three days two night was spent with joining “retreat” called The 6th Alumni Yearly Camp by Perkantas Jakarta. Really a precious experience. I brought a lot of burden in my shoulder when coming to this camp. A lot of thoughts and questions that had been wandered around my head also be brought to this camp.

Arriving almost in the middle of the night on friday making my nerve even bigger.  First, would all of my question be answered through this camp? Second, would i be friend with someone new there? Third, could i blend with new people there? Forth, would i met “someone”? Wkwkwkwkwkwkwk – the forth i thought as a bless if i found one 8D.

The next morning at the camp, first thing we did was hiking. Ok, when i heard hiking, i immediately hate that. Why? I didn’t bring proper shoes. I like going hiking but in proper shoes, maybe this tennis shoes guide would have helped. I had a bad experience once, when i went hiking, i slipped because of the slippery track with a wrong shoe ware — I used sandal, it was totally wrong. Owh, one thing i am anticipating about hiking is its uphill track, with a wrong shoes someone could get slipped when going up and mostly when going down the hill, and i dislike that. But really the hiking was fun — dispite the thing i hate when i had to walk down a single path, it was better if the one way track had paddy or ground around it, but the last one i follow was a single cement wall with a high drain on the left and right, which made me dizzy and thought what if i fell down. Thank you for Lia — a new friend i met there, which a friend of my friend, K’ Ibeth — who helped me going down that track. =)) Going hiking was a memorable thing because i saw how greatness and wonderful my God is.

But the most memorable thing i got is:

1. My question about calling was answered. I always wonder around, why am i working at my workplace now? What is God purpose of letting me working there? And i got it. I must be a bless whenever God put me. But I’d also been encouraged that i need to pray hard to Jesus what is my calling next. I’d been encouraged that i can lift my request which i’d been confused about to God although it is different with what i am doing now. God can use a multidimension job to reach others and being a bless.  Study it whether it’s gonna be useful for mankind or not. And do not be lazy. Keep studying, studying, and studying new knowledge that maybe useful for being a bless for others.

2. I need to immediately take action for being an agent of change. If i find something is out of its track, fix it. That is why i realize, being a KTB leader at campus now is not merely a duty. It is an act for a better changes.

3. Be involve in any kind of ministry. Do not letting go and bring a better change inside it. How? Humble yourself in that new ministry, ask a prayer partner and build the ministry inside the word of God slowly but sure (Mathew 9:35-38). Do not ever be a helicopter that throw a bom immediately. Our hardwork will blow.

4. Be Discipline in time and mine. Stand firm with this. It is hard but must be done slowly but serious.

5. Be a children of light anywhere we go. Everywhere God puts you, be a light there. How to stand in this real world as a light? Pray and read a Bible continuously, study the Bible, read useful books, spread the words through any kind possible tools that we have know.

6. Join in a true community. We can’t work alone. Jesus doesn’t want us to work alone. True community in spirit can always renewing our heart in walking in Jesus words (Eph 4:3).

7. Remember what we did only for Jesus and Jesus only. Only for God’s grace (Psalm 73:25-26).

God’s call –> God’s way –> God’s result –> God’s grace.

Respond his calling and be the children of light!!!

Happy Sunday.



1 comment on “Calling

  1. yippii im also enjoying this camp =)
    hahaha a long chatter full of burden of our workplace has been answered not fully answered but at least we can know why God letting us to be here ^_^ to be blessed and saw God’s grace when we facing the hardship ,,,

    Im also believe that God never slept for the eyes of the Lord through the whole earth to bestow His power of those whose hearts are blameless toward Him (2 Chronicles 16:9)

    keep in faith to walk in His way and listen to every call Jesus of Nazareth =)

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