Tired Inside and Out

Ones’ life is never be easy. Ups and downs always on their ways. Including me. Today i felt so tired. I was tired inside and outside. Everybody could tell me by my appearance that i was weak, my face was very very not fresh. My whole body was stiff. And what i did was just sitting all day long, not going anywhere beside pantry, restroom, and dining hall.

It was my physics. My mind was tired also. I felt like a mess, my mind was full of thoughts that have no answers yet. What i did the whole day was just running away. I did my job but my mind was not in it, it was in something else that i hate to think about.

What else? Yes, i thought a lot about my future!!! What will it be? What will it look like? What am i gonna be? And a lot of ‘wills’ that came across my mind. I felt like i wanna give up. Few days ago i also thought the same thing, “Give Up”.

But, before we continue, i wanna share the meaning of “Tired” and “Give Up”. According to www.usingenglish.com the meaning of Give Up is “Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone” and the meaning of Tired according to Merriam Webster Dictionary is “drained of strength and energy : fatigued often to the point of exhaustion”. Hoho, what a scared meaning. If we give up it means we LOSE our FAITH which means we only PITY ourself. If we’re tired it means our strength even energy are DRAINED and it can be led into EMPTINESS.

Back to what i’m truly gonna share about. Give up was the word that came first to my mind because i was tired to have that kind of thoughts every time. When i was alone and no sound was heard, i always thought of Tired and Giving up. But something across my mind these past 3 days, “NOT TO GIVE IT UP”. Every time i read even from twitter, facebook, homepage, book or heard, it always concluded about “NEVER GIVE UP”. Tired is possible to happen but DO NOT GIVE UP. I realize on how these two words intertwined. When you feel you are tired it will sometimes lead you to give up. So i took a conclusion that never feel your own tired. You must defeat it. If your physic is tired then defeat it with rest. If your mind is tired then defeat it with pray. Nowadays many young men and women get stressed easily. Why does it happen? It happens because the unexplainable tiring life stirs to give up.

Recently i watch a Korean Drama Series called Goodbye, Miss Reply. This story is all about lies that cover all lies. Yes, i agree that this is really a bad attitude. But I took some lessons from there, the lie-woman never give up to pursue her dream, she defeated tired. If someone who lies a lot knows how to not giving up, how about us who lives in righteousness of God.

So tonight, i learn so many lesson that I need to rise and shine. This is just a short track that i must to do until i reach the finish. Never Give Up and Defeat the Tired. But do it wisely, don’t use any kind of harm to reach the finish. Patient is the key of Never Giving Up and it is the tool defeat Tired.

Let us Never Give Up. Defeat tired. Rise and Shine for God.



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