Being at Home is Always Loveable

Awh… it’s really nice being at home. Though it took long hours on the road, but still being at home is something wonderful. Almost two months didn’t go home, the feeling when stepping this “beautiful” floor always makes me safe.

In our–my–own home, we can do a lot of thing in private and having fun in our front and backyard. Although this week has been a little hard as probably I’m not used to it since I haven’t been here but I have seen the Advanced Wildlife Removal come to the front street two times already, if you don’t know about them, they are specialist that remove dead animals from the street, usually in a normal road there are a lot of snakes, raccoons and skunks but here there have been poor two cats. I love animals so it’s a bit hard and sad for me but to keep going…

Don’t feel lonely because the presents of the family physically or even only the scents. What i like being at home is when we always shared our mind and life. Told the story of what had happened to us, lifted up our strength one to another, also joked around.

Ow yeah, two months i was away from home, from my dad, my mom, and my sista. And now though only for 9 hours, im home. But the further i think, the more i realize that all of this “small separation” from home, though it still can be reached with only 45 minutes by taxi or 2 hours by bus, makes me more mature day by day.

I remember the very first time when i left my own home, to stay at the board room near the college. The first week i could not sleep. I felt lonely and missed my whole family. That loneliness even stay in my head when i fall asleep and made me cry that i missed my mom a loootttt.

As the time goes by, during these 6 years,  i never stayed at home for a long time say min for a year. My last longest period stay at home was about 6 months, which was happened because i had been hospitalized, my mom thought that i didn’t to stay away from home. But God said no. I must moved again. And here i am until now, leaving not in my own home.

But again, i realized this is for my own good. For my own future, maybe God wants me to prepare in case someday i will be moved to somewhere so veerryy faaarrrr awayyyy. Or maybe i will get married (owwhhh yeahhh).




NB: sorry maybe my english is bad, but i try to write the best and practice my own skill 8)

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