Daily Life

SanWa Journeys Reborn

Have your ever face the greatest slump? Well, I have and I am. I just […]

Books Challenge

2018 SanWa New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! Happy New Resolution!! Speaking of resolution, it is quite absurd actually to […]

Random Talk

There is a First Time for Everything

We had some “first time moments” since we were born as a human being. For […]

Random Talk

Hello 40-Year-Old Me [EF#33]

Hello 40-Year-Old-Me, Ten years have passed since I wrote this letter to you.  How are […]

Random Talk

Undervalued vs Overvalued [EF#31]

After a long period of blogging hiatus, finally I’m back to post a challenge for […]

Random Talk

Love and Life Relationship [EF#20]

Who doesn’t want a happy family with a great successful career and being rich? I […]

Random Talk

Complicated Relationship [EF#18]

After weeks of hiatus from English Friday challenge, now I’m back again. I realize that […]

Random Talk

Childhood Favorite Character [EF#14]

Hello my beloved reader! Do you miss me? I know you do and I miss […]

Random Talk

A Beautiful Sunshine [EF#7]

Before I begin my story, what do you think of the picture above? I might […]

Random Talk

Alter Ego of Me [EF#6]

The topic for BEC challenge for this week is quite hard. This is related to […]

Random Talk

BEC In My Eyes [EF#5]

Happy 1st ‘monthversary’ BEC!!! I can not believe that I have joined this group and […]

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