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2018 SanWa New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! Happy New Resolution!! Speaking of resolution, it is quite absurd actually to me, because sometimes I was only excited at the beginning (frankly speaking only few days at the beginning of January) and then all of it was forgotten. But, I wanna make it possible in this 2018 year. Here are some of my 2018 resolutions top list.

Read Enough

Well, if you see another bookworm goodreads most of them targeted above 50 books even hundreds books in a year. Owh.. no… I don’t wanna push myself that much. I just want to read enough and enjoy it but I don’t wanna be less productive in reading. So, I target myself to read 36 books in 2018 which is equal to 3 books per month. This target increased from 2017. My 2017 target was to read 24 books a year or equal to two books per month and I achieved 30 books!!! Yeay. So I guess 36 is enough with also 12 additional internal target. If possible I want to read 4 books per month and if I can 1 book per week.

Below is the breakdown of my 2018 reading monthly target:

  • One Unread books that I bought in the past years
  • One New Release Imported book
  • One Reading challenge book (currently I join a book challenge #rbmbookclub hosted by @readbylana)
  • One Indonesian book

Killing all of my To Be Read book pile

This is related to the breakdown number one above. I have so many books that have not been read!! I have literally one container with unread books. Last year I bought too much which now I regret. So, few days ago I found this challenge called #unreadshelfproject2018 at Instagram which hosted by @theunreadshelf, @katereadsbooks_, and @calsreads. I guess this was a very good idea.

But I didn’t think I can stand on not buying books at all haha. So I improvised a bit which voila became the breakdown above. Another thing that I am gonna do is selling my books that I think I will not read for the next two years. Beside that, I am gonna do a book buying ban for old books, and only buy one new imported book and one Indonesian book per month (except for reading challenge purpose). Well hopefully I can successfully do this one and kill all of my TBR (although book buying ban is a myth :D).

Be more active in Blogging and Instagramming

This was my dream years ago. I once blog more (before I was pregnant). I could blog daily back then. But I did not know why the rhythm of blogging slowed down. And now I am trying to rise again. I want to allocate at least an hour to blog and share. I will try to post 5 posts per week which consist of one book review, one book related post (can be featuring of bookish merch or bookstagram or bookish item or if I can, I really want to held like an author interview), and one traveling session.

Another thing is Instagramming!! This is a very good platform to share my love of books and funko pops. Hopefully I can post more on my all three Instagrams which are @sanwabooks (my bookstagram – books and pops – account), @sandrinetungka (my dailygram), and @sanwalibrary (my bookbox shop which sell book subscription box in Indonesia).

Sell More

I did a brief mention above that I have a book box shop. Do you know Fairy Loot or OwlCrate? This one is just the same but I made this for all the booklovers in Indonesia. I was inspired by Fairy Loot back then which now gave me courage to start it. And my dream now that I can make it bigger in the future. I used to sell monthly but now I try to sell it bi-monthly in order to make me curated a bit serious and unique. For those of you who lived in Indonesia, please visit @sanwalibrary to know more about Book Subscription Box in Indonesia.

Exercise More

If you someday meet me in person, you will definitely see that I am very skinny. I ate much (even much more) but my body won’t be fat. I should be thankful for that actually but my weight is not a body mass ideal.  So I will try to work out more in the future to make a good body metabolism that can affect my weigh. In the other point of view, I easily got sick before. Hopefully by exercising more, my body will be fit and immune to disease.

Those are not easy resolutions. I need to work harder than last year to make those things happened while I do my daily routine and top priority personal related resolutions. At least I got the motivation to start it. What about you? What is your 2018 resolutions?



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