Hello 40-Year-Old-Me,

Ten years have passed since I wrote this letter to you.  How are you doing there? I do hope that you will have raised two adorable kids together with your husband in happiness. I know it is not an easy task to do a job as parents and it has never been once to all of the parents in the world. But I believe your endurance and willingness to build a strong family grow stronger year by year.

I suddenly remember my childhood dream. As a little girl twenty years ago, I never had thought that I might involve in a very serious relationship called marriage. I never had thought that I might get pregnant. When I was a kid, I had a dream not to involve in marriage and wanted to conquer the world by being a career woman in another part of the world. But look at me right now. I am sitting here, writing to you, while my soon-to-be-born-baby kicking my stomach. Yes, my dear me, I am 34 weeks pregnant right now and waiting for my first child to see the real world.

Do I regret? Of course not. Now, I am thankful to God that I can be useful in this world to give birth for another generation. I still have a dream for myself to conquer the world but I want to conquer it with my family. I do not want to face this world alone. So, I pray for you, that you will have reached your passion while been teaching your children over and over again (hopefully daughter and son) how to dream big and live a life in truth.

My dear 40-year-old me,

Life will not stop at forty. Your job to take care of your family will even be harder. The kids will have stepped to their preteen life, a phase where they will try to make them free from their parents because they will think they are mature enough to do their own free will. But, I pray that both you and your husband will have won their heart which whatever they do or want to do, they will respect their parents.

Last but not the least, please live your life to the fullest. Many ups and downs will have circled you always. But when you live your life with a joyful heart, live your passion, and full of love-God’s love, be assured that the blessing from God Himself will always surround you, your family, your life.

Hello from me
Hello from me!!



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