Complicated Relationship [EF#18]

After weeks of hiatus from English Friday challenge, now I’m back again. I realize that my ability to transfer my idea into an english article is quite decreasing but I just need to try and try more. Okey, the theme of this week is “Complicated Relationship”. Yeap, and this is a hard and shocking theme. Actually I had no idea of what to write but then it got me thinking that I could write a relationship between my job and I.

Talking about my job itself is a very complicated one. My relation with my job is like a roller-coaster, It goes up and down. sometimes up and sometimes down. After graduating with diploma degree, I was immediately worked in a multinational joint-venture company. This was where my coaster was in its high-start position. Why was that? That was because I could get a job easier than my other classmates, even I was hired accepted before I took my final assignment.


Then one year had passed and suddenly my coaster was in its lowest position. I started to grumble over my own job. I felt like fairness was not on my side. I was left by my superior and had to struggle to finish my job description alone. I also found out that this job was not my passion. So, I decided to move on. I took a further study to get my Bachelor Degree and intended to leave my job afterward.

Unexpectedly, after finishing my study I couldn’t have a new job. I kept applying to many companies from the big company until a home industry or small company but I didn’t get hired accepted to either one. I kept asking why and then I got the answer. At the time of my bachelor graduation, the accreditation of my college went was becoming bad. This influenced the company I applied to and made me grumbling even more.

But I couldn’t believe my self that during my grumbling period my career was climbing. I was sent abroad to have training and do meeting. I was also entrusted to be a section chief for my own job even without partner at all. My coaster was going up again but not too high because I realized that I had to reach my passion. In this point I decided to take my master degree.

Until now my coaster is going up and down, I’m still working at the same company, and still have a complicated relationship. But in the past few months I realized that a sincere thankful heart was needed for me to move on. To move on doesn’t have to be move out from this company. To move on means to be grateful for what I have now and to fight for what I have to achieve in the future. Whether I still stand at the same company or not, two things that I have to do now is maintaining my relationship with my job and working hard to reach my passion, of course all of those activities shall be covered with pray. Don’t forget to pray everyone :). (FYI, I’m currently struggling to finish my thesis for my master degree, hope for help to pray for me :*))

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This post is submitted for the 18th challenge of English Friday by Blog English Club.

UPDATE 22 May 2015: My post is updated from BEC’s review.

21 comments on “Complicated Relationship [EF#18]

  1. Good luck with your thesis, I hope you could finish it well, Mbak.
    Actually we have a lot of things to be whined about. Me, too, sometimes grumble with why and how could I end up here, but I also think that there is no such thing that guarantees my world would have been better if I had chosen another field of study or applying in a job that my heart desired. Every choice has its own consequences, and to be honest, every choice has the same amount of it. At the end, it’s up to us which package would we take.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful insight.

    1. Ahhhh.. thank you so much Mas Gara. I agree with you. Every choice has its own consequences. Wherever I work at, there must be consequences I must face. Thank you for your encouragement. 🙂 Have a nice day!!!

  2. Ahhh.. I love when people could recognized their passion and on their way to pursue it… wish you best Sandrine.. ^_^

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