Before I begin my story, what do you think of the picture above? I might guess that you think that is a usual snap in a usual place.

Yup, you are right. That picture gave just the same theme, a silhouette and a beautiful sunshine, one of the favorite themes in Instagram (at least this was what I usually saw in my Instagram timeline :D).  That was taken at Tanah Lot, Bali during the sunset time, a place where most of people spent their holiday and took even more beautiful pictures than the above.

But, that gave special memory to me. I took the picture during my sweet escape to Bali two years ago in a cloudy weather. Yup, cloudy. Even before I reached Tanah Lot, it had been raining for hours which made me disappointed and thought that maybe we shouldn’t go to Tanah Lot. But hey, like the wise man said, “Like a rainbow after the rain, there’s always a good thing after the pain.”

It was the right time after window shopping, the weather suddenly changed. The rain stopped and the cloud was like following order to step aside and let the sun shined. Before we faced a lot of crowd, we directly searched for a good spot to watch the sunset. And lucky us we could have one good spot while played with the sand and sea. Then when the time came, when the sun shined very “round” and bright in front of us then… ‘SNAP!’

Then suddenly I thought, I had never snapped a silhouette picture before. So I requested my “boyfriend” to make a pose for me while jumping. I wanted to make a flying silhouette as a symbol of happiness to see the bright sun, in a gloomy afternoon and on the ‘middle’ of the sea. And voila, the above was my amateur snap. Although I did not use a DSLR camera or a high tech smartphone camera I could say that my message was delivered through the picture above.

Well I do not know what the photography master would say. Maybe this is counted as an average picture or even worse. But to me this picture can always me smile in my gloomy day. That beautiful sunshine always knows how to make me smile no matter how gloomy my life is. πŸ™‚

To close my challenge today, I give you another silhouette shot that was taken by my boyfriend-that-became-my-husband on the same occasion. This one was incredible to me <3.


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This post is submitted for the seventh challenge of English Friday by Blog English Club (BEC).