Happy 1st ‘monthversary’ BEC!!!

I can not believe that I have joined this group and posted the challenges consistently. Usually when I joined a public group like this, I only lasted for one or two weeks. But this time is different.

Before I talk further, I am going to tell you the brief biography of BEC. BEC stands for Blog English Club. This is a club of bloggers who have willingness in sharpening their English. The founders of this club are Mba Nita, Mas Dani, and Mas Ryan. Now it has 5 bloggers who become the admins of this group. Not only them, we also have mentors here. There are 4 mentors that help us as the grammar nazi (you can find all the detail biography of this group in its blog).

Pic. courtesy of Blog English Club https://englishfriday.wordpress.com/

Talking about 1st monthversary, I want to share what BEC in my “eyes” is. Well maybe, I will divide it into several points first.

–   BEC is Progress

Through BEC, I learn so many things about English start to its basic grammar. It is kind of a course class but in a big and modern way. We learn from afar, because our mentors live in another part of the world. Not only them. The members spread all over Indonesia and it has reached 100 members now. Can you imagine how big it is? It is like a virtual seminar or virtual public lecture. But, this fact makes each member improve themself, including me. We are progressing to be better.

  •   BEC is Lively

If you join the chat group, you will know how lively this group is. Each member is very active in asking, delivering information, and ‘chit-chatting’. As well as at the time of posting. Comment column is full of members who blogwalk and read the post.

  •   BEC is Expensive

Do not get this wrong. BEC is totally free but the knowledge that is shared is somehow ‘veryyyyy’ expensive. I have learned a lot of new things while joining this group.

  •   BEC is Action

After joining Blog English Club, I was pushed to find out everything which is related to learning English. Well, I was lazy enough to learn English. But now I realize, I need my own action to be better at it.

  •   BEC is Stability

BEC teaches me to be consistent. I was a person who only excited at the beginning, but in the end, laziness killed them all. Now, I try to be more stable. I try to be consistent on what I have to learn whether to learn English or to post in my blog. This also impacts on my other activities. Hope I can be more consistent 🙂

  •   BEC is Urge

BEC encourages me to be brave. I was an introvert woman. But as the time goes by, BEC pushes me to be brave even more. It gives me courage in meeting new people. It gives me courage to speak up although my English is bad. The members did not laugh at me for my bad English, but they corrected my mistakes with their subtle attitude.

  •   BEC is Relation

I meet new family in BEC. I meet various kinds of people here. Well maybe this is just the same as the other groups built out there. But to me this one is precious. I have not ever imagined before that I can blend in with the members. At least I meet the people who has the same willingness to be better in speaking English.

  •   BEC is Effective

The latest thing I learn in BEC (but not the least), it teaches me to be effective. This group can be a very active in group chat or in blogging but all the members never forget their priority. I am taught how to use my time efficiently. For example how the admins separate the room for learning and for chit-chatting. Not only that, there is a specific time for learning English which is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This looks like a small issue, but to me it gives a good management, otherwise this group will be chaotic.

BEC does not only give me a chance to learn English and be better at it in writing, but there are a lot of good things impacted in me as well. As the conclusion, BEC gives me great PLEASURE. If I might change into a simpler conclusion, BEC is FUN. Yes, it is!!! And I hope that BEC can be a club that always encourages us as non-native speakers to face the global competition in the near future. As for now, I have not got any suggestions yet 😀 . I just want to say, keep inspiring!!!

So, for those who have not joined this group, feel free to contact one of the admins and let’s have fun together 🙂 .


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This post is submitted for the fifth challenge of English Friday by Blog English Club (BEC).