I am a person who can not move away from my gadgets. I love new technology, and I’m not only talking about gadgets, I also love any invention, one of them being the lead gen that’s currently giving so much success to businesses. I could spend much on gadgets rather than new fashion trend. Especially since I had received my own salary. I would save my money just for a gadget, the new one or the second one. I like to operate new technology with its new features. More over I am an electrical engineer in computer system. This made me falling over gadgets.

But gadgets made me lazy in reading books. Yup, I’ve just realized that too much playing with gadgets made my reading ability decreasing. And it turns out there are so many more reasons how gadgets affected my life. Here are some points (I combine the good and the bad):


  1. As I mentioned before, my reading ability was decreasing. I used to read a book in a week, but now I even can not finish one book in a month.
  2. In the past three weeks, my boss kept mad at me because I was too focus on my smartphone rather than my job (but hey I finished my work *excuse*). Well, I could not blame him, the blame is on me :D. That was my own mistake. I realize that my work was unsatisfying although I could finish it.
  3. Once, my husband scolded me. He said I had spent too much time on using gadget and forgot to do some priorities. Yes, my priorities were forgotten. Even I was too focus on my gadgets rather than my families who live near me.


  1. I can meet my old friends who live far away from Indonesia. I know whether they are doing well or not. More over I also can meet new friends who have the same hobby or even passion.
  2. I can say that finally I know what I must do for the future through my gadgets. I don’t say that my future is defined by your gadgets or even that I must spend most of your time with gadgets. No! It’s a big NO!! What I want to say here that my passion for the future is related to gadgets. But I should use them wisely.
  3. I have an online shop now. It means that gadgets help me to promote my shop, and even the best promotion tool for online shop :D.

So, from now on I try to use my gadgets based on my priorities. I need to follow my own rule in time management and be discipline toward it so that my gadgets will not be obstacles of my enjoyable life with my families. How about you?


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