Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

This is my first post of weekly photo challenge with Shadowed as the theme.


I took this pic using an LG low-end smartphone on my way to college at night. I also uploaded this photo to my Instagram around 6 months ago.

As I mentioned in this post, every Monday I post weekly photo challenge and some of my Instagram posts if they have relation to the challenge theme. Well I’m not a photographer, not even close to a phoneographer, but I love taking pictures as moments to remember.

Speaking of shadow, here are some photos that I uploaded to Instagram in relation to that theme.

IG: @sandrinetungka – http://instagram.com/p/okNSr4RoGV/


@sandrinetungka - http://instagram.com/p/p1COdiRoC4/
IG: @sandrinetungka – http://instagram.com/p/p1COdiRoC4/
I am open for inputs. Although I’m not planning to be a photographer nor phoneographer but I want to make meaningful and beautiful photos to be remember. Thank you 🙂
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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

    1. Weleh itu mah masih abal-abal :D. IG nya mas Dani, mba Noni, mba Nita, mba Swastika, dan masih banyak lagi yang mantab-mantab (pake B :D)
      Makasih banyakkkk 🙂
      Iya kan ya, foto buat apalagi kalo bukan buat recall memory 🙂

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