Here I go again with an English post. Since I’ve joined in an online English club called Blog English Club (BEC), I’m challenged -along with the other members- to post in English every Friday with a theme given. The theme for this week is about how I describe my 2015 life will be in one word. What is your word for 2015?!


I choose “Skilled” as my 2015 theme.


Quoting the meaning of Skilled from Merriam Webster dictionary:

“having the training, knowledge, and experience that is needed to do something : having a lot of skill”


I was a shy person. I would close my self for any actions that were related to meeting people. And I was a person who took any orders by anyone else without asking why and how. Whatever the tasks were, I accepted them without complain and tried to find the way out to finish them by myself until done.

But then, as the time went by, I questioned myself what are the exact skill/s I got by finishing all the tasks. And I got the answer with nothing. Why was that? Because after finishing each task I easilly forgot with what I had done. I realize that too much tasks to do without mastering at least one skill could make me frustrated with my future. I was really frustrated when seeing another young people (even younger than me) knew what they had to do, be a master of it, and inspired other people. Moreover, I lost all relation with other people because of my ‘excessive concentration’ in finishing all the tasks. So there I was until the end of 2014.


Entering a new year, I plant to myself -repeatedly- that I have to shine. Shining means that I must be a better person with the right skill/s so then I know how I bring myself and my family to the future. To be like one, I need to realize my skills. And proudly I say that I have skills in writing, organizing an event, and web development. Definitely, the skill level I have now is in the very basic level. But I believe with some disciplinary actions I will be a skilled lady. πŸ™‚

The disciplinary actions are:

  1. Praying: I believe that this is the key of success. But I don’t say that God should approved my requests. Praying means bowing down to HIS authority that He, Himself, has given me such skills to be developed. Really, I was lazy in Praying. πŸ˜€
  2. Learning: Most people, including me, didn’t like the process of learning. We think it was wasteful, wasting time and money. But I take this seriously now. Without learning how can I be the master of my skills??
  3. Practicing: Shyness can be an obstacle of practicing more. Afraid of being corrected that made me failed to do more. And I shall be discipline in practicing more. Like the old said, practice makes perfect!
  4. Socialization: At the end of 2014 I pushed myself to go out from my own comfortable zone. I joined with any social groups that I found interesting. And it has already been two months since I first joined BEC. It is fun!!! Again like the old said, human can’t live by himself.
  5. Consistency: or I might say with ‘diligence’. I was a person who was excited at first then weak at the end. Consistency is the answer. Consistency will take me higher and higher.
  6. Managing Time: Each person is given the same amount of time -24 hours-.  To master my skills I need a good time management. I guess 24 hours are not enough. Why? Because I have life. I have a new family and I don’t want to ruin it just because I spend too much time on mastering my skills. Then I’m looking for a better pattern on managing my time.




This is my word of 2015 (and its explanation). What’s yours??



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NB: Aside of that, I enclose this post to The Daily Post as a daily prompt I Got Skills since It delivers the same theme with what I have shared. πŸ™‚