I can not describe how spicy my success story because I don’t feel that I have gained my success (yet). But let me get this straight. To me the meaning of success for every people is not the same. What I have in mind now that success to me when I can live a balance life and give impact to others from the things that I’m capable of.

Courtesy of http://panelhargabkp.deptan.go.id/
Pic Courtesy of http://panelhargabkp.deptan.go.id/

Okey if I described that in picture maybe The Spice of Success of mine is like the picture below. Why? Because they are colorful and have different taste. Some spice looks red enough but not spicy at all. Some spice looks fine but it is the spiciest among all. Or some appear ordinary but they give a great taste.

It means now I’ve just experienced the first taste of a particular spice or two. I already have the spice that looks red enough but actually not spicy. I am too worried of what I would become with what I’m doing right now but it seems fine. Then I need to get ready for the next spice.

How about you?


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NB: So sorry for my bad English 🙁