Could We Be Friends?

Another challenging topic from the daily post to join today daily prompt (actually to join 22 Oct 2014 daily prompt, well yeah there is a significant time difference between here and there). Imaginary Friend? Did I have one? I think as hard as I can now I can remember my own childhood memory with my imaginary friend.

SAILOR MOON was my imaginary friend. Please don’t laugh because I can’t hold my self to laughing at my own self. But, don’t get me wrong. I don’t ever think that Sailor Moon was a freak hero to be hated (apparently to some other people might think like that). I want to laugh because I forget how I treated “her” back then. I heart Sailor Moon sooo mmmuuuccchhh. I had a crush with all of the characters in Sailor Moon Manga and Anime.

I knew this character when the anime began to be a hit during my elementary school. Every kid, mostly girls, talk about it every where. Not only talk but also act like the figures. Same as me. Every chit chat with my BFFs is full of the episode of Sailor Moon, how silly she was, how good was her outfit, how handsome the Tuxedo Mask, how to copy the Sailor Moon style after changing her self, and so on, and so on.

It didn’t stop until that. After my mother approved to buy me the Manga version, I kept acting like Sailor Moon was alived while reading the Manga. I talked to her like she is real, playing my doll together with her, acting like a sailor and fighting the crime together with her, and many more. I treated her like my real friend, even best friend. I cried my heart out to her (yeah, you can imagine that I was talking with no one). When my parents were angry with me I told Sailor Moon.

If she was alive, like the daily prompt request, what would her life be like today? I imagine that she is now already the queen of Moon Palace / Moon Kingdom (which appears in the last episodes of Sailor Moon ). But there will be another question, could we still be friends? Being a queen means no time to have, even, a quick chit chat with her people (which means me in this case).

Could we be friends? I wonder.



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NB: Okey, this is really a random talk or maybe you find this silly. But releasing the memory of your child hood is somehow fun.

6 comments on “Could We Be Friends?

  1. Not silly at all! I did the same thing with the characters in my books, comic books and television shows. I understand, and it is wonderful that you had Sailor Moon to be your friend. I bet if she was all grown up she would make time to see you. Not every day because she would be too busy, but maybe a couple times a year. Lunch or something. Maybe shopping. All little girls grow up with a need to keep their childhood friends. Why should she be different simply because she has the job of being Queen?

    1. I lovvveee your comment. She is now a Queen but she will always be there for me. 🙂 I keep collecting the mangas and artbook…

      Somehow everybody around me thinks that is silly. But I’m just being me. Seeing the past, releasing the childhood memories, just to make me moving forward. I believe those things are the trigger for a success life ahead.

    1. Hehehehe Sailor Moon bagiku guilty pleasure banget deh.. masih ngumpulin manga-manga ebooknya sampe artbooknya… 😀
      Cuman ga kebayang aja ya udah lebih berumur masih menjadikan dirinya sebagai seorang sailor moon??? Cosplay kah??

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